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What is the capacity?

Waters Edge comfortably holds 49 seated for dinner with a dancefloor.

What time will I have access to the property?

Access to the venue depends on the timeframe agreed on in your contract.

What is included with the venue rental?
  • Chiavari chairs
  • 4ft round tables and 6ft rectangular tables
  • Lighted curtain backdrop
  • Large varied height led candles in the fireplace
Can I use real candles?

Only battery operated candles are allowed on the premises

What items are not permitted for the exit?
  • Sparklers
  • Glitter
  • Confetti
  • Rice
Can I bring in my own vendors?

Yes, you may bring in licensed and insured vendors.

Can I have alcohol?

Yes, with a one day banquet ABC license. You may not serve alcohol to minors, sell alcohol, or leave the reception space with alcohol.

Can I attach anything to the walls?

Nothing can be affixed to the venue. All decorations are to be freestanding.

Who sets up the table and chairs?

Waters Edge will set up all tables and chairs according to the preferred floorplan chosen.

Is food included in the rental?

All food and beverage is contracted separately by the Renter.

*Unless purchased with package*

Will there be someone there to coordinate the ceremony? The reception?

Waters Edge does not provide ceremony or reception coordination. Frequently, Renters hire a professional planner or ask a family member or friend to take on the responsibility of coordinating. Waters Edge staff will be on-site to make sure the event adheres to the rental guidelines and to answer questions.

*Unless purchased with package*

Can my flower girl drop flower petals?

Only live flower petals may be dropped on the walkway. No freeze-dried petals or artificial petals are allowed. The use of such petals may result in a Cleaning/Damage fee.

What am I responsible for removing from the site?

Any items you or your vendors brought on to the property (decorations, flowers, lighting, personal items, rental equipment, etc.). Waters Edge is not responsible for any items left on the property and we reserve the right to charge Cleaning/Damage fees for any items not removed.

Can I view the rental space?

Yes, please contact Waters Edge Special Events team to arrange a tour.

Is there a deposit to secure my date?

Yes, there is a 50% non-refundable retainer fee which is due at the time of contract signing.

What is expected at clean up?

Bag up all of your trash and remove any items that you brought in. The cleaning company will take care of the rest.

*Trash service included with package*

Is their a kitchen on site?

No kitchen is on site we highly recommend hiring a caterer.

What are the venue prices?

Prices vary by season. Please contact us for pricing information.